A little confused about Cuegis? You’re not alone. CUEGIS questions are new for the May 2016 group, so students (and teachers) all over the world are struggling to figure out how to do well on this question.

This video course makes it super easy.

You’ll Get everything you need:

  • 6 training videos to help you master the conceptsThe Interface

  • Clear step-by-step
    instructions for how to structure your answer

  • Fully-researched cases you can use, written according to the Step-by-Step Method –organised exactly the way you’ll want it

  • See exactly how much time to spend on your question and how to spend your time.

  • Learn what really earns marks on the Cuegis essay.

  • See a perfect-scoring sample Cuegis answer

  • Access our online support network, to answer any questions and share additional insights. Step-by-Step Method

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Responses to previous resources:

“Amazing! I got two level 7’s in my last IAs with the help of your site. Thank you, all the way from UWCSA”
-Nicolette Sauramba

“@adnamaweit Every self-motivated IB student knows @timwoods… “
-Amanda Tiew, Malaysia

“This was honestly the most helpful thing in the huge world of Google. Thank you so much!”
-Sandranil Biswas

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Still not sure?

To make this easy, I’m more than happy to give you a guarantee. If you’re not completely happy that this is the best-possible support you could get for this, then I will happily refund the cost. You can have 90 days to make sure that the program has worked for you. I know it will, so I don’t mind saying that.

See for yourself.