About Us

The mission

I founded IBMastery to make IB work better for IB students, parents and teachers around the world. 

We seek-out and interview the best IB teachers we can find and then we read a lot and experiment ourselves. And finally we put the insights together in ways that are easy-to-understand for you. 

It's all about helping you achieve better results, in less time and with less stress. We want you to have more time to enjoy your week, without having to worry about your grades.  

Why a site like this?

IBMastery began as me just sharing my lesson materials with my students online. They were found by students and teachers in other schools. I was very happy to help so many people at once, so I kept developing resources to help students with the challenges I could see them facing.

I have been approach to write textbooks for my subjects (TOK, Business, Economics or Global Politics), but I feel at the moment that there's more potential with an online site like this, to reach students with videos and other means that are a bit easer to learn from. 

tim-and-bettina-in-italyTim's story

As important as good-grades are, what really drives me is helping to reduce their stress. I remember finding it very stressful to raise my performance in High School, while at the same time trying to maintain a social life and make major decisions about my life.

IB students today are busier than ever. I love helping to reduce your stress, so you can make good decisions and stay balanced in your life.  

I come from a family of teachers and social workers, so I grew up hearing a lot about people struggling. And I know that no one becomes successful without help. My family struggled a lot financially when I was growing up --which is partly why I love teaching subjects like Business, Economics and Politics today. There were some very lean times in my family when we weren't even sure if we could pay our mortgage. We relied on our community and we wouldn't have been successful without the help of our friends. 

I'm lucky to have been raised in the middle of Canada, canoeing every summer and spending my time with people who care about their community and the environment. So, I want to pay forward the support I was given growing up. 

Are you qualified?

Besides being a teacher (for 13+ years, in 5 countries), I have taught IB Econ, Business and TOK for about 9 years. I'm also a fully-accredited Professionally Certified Coach (PCC), with the International Coaching Federation. (That credential requires at least 700 hours of verified individual and team coaching.) So I am qualified to help people with academic and non-academic issues. Good decisions require clear thinking and coaching is great for helping you clarify your aims and realize ways that will work better for you personally. I also have 3 degrees from Canada and one from the UK.

This seems good!

Yep! :) We've got tons and tons of of great, free resources on the blog. (About 3000 people use those every day, including a lot of teachers and teacher-examiners) so they must be pretty good.)

Also all of the not-free IBMastery resource are guaranteed and most have a free trial, so you can try what you need and see if it's helping you. As I said, this isn't a money thing for us. We are trying to offer something unique and extremely valuable for the IB community --resources and support that almost every IB student can say helped them at some point. 

This project is about giving back and building a platform that gives out as much value as possible to the IB community. All the money that comes in goes into maintaining and developing and growing supporting the services we offer.) If you want to support the mission, we'd really appreciate it!  

If you think you might like an extra boost with your IB experience (and particularly with TOK, Business, Econ, Global Politics, your college applications or anything else) we'd be honoured to play a role in your success. None of us can do this on our own. 

Tim Woods 

(B.A., B.Ed., MBA, PCC)