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ToK Teacher's Program

The ToK Teacher's Program is about making your job a little bit easier --and making it easier for you to do a better job.

ToK can be quite a challenging subject to teach. We want it to be interesting and engaging, but also understandable to our students. We want to balance really challenging them with new ways to think, while also reassuring them that they can master the subject. These aspects and others make Tok unique within the IB ecosystem. The ToK Teacher's Program (TTP) tries to give you as much support as possible, so you can give as much as possible to your students. 

We take quite a lot of time around the assessments as well, to make sure you're sure about how best to approach them. We'll show you how we teach students to write solid essays and deliver great presentations, so you can be confident about how you're appraoching it with your students. 

This program is still in development, so we will be very responsive to your requests. Let us know what you need and we'll put it in the program as soon as we can.