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Submit brilliant, successful essays and statements for your applications

Tim will help you express yourself perfectly, balancing all the important elements you'll need to include in your so colleges and universities can see why you are a perfect fit for them.



"I got a 30/34 [on my Extended Essay], which is of course an A. I would have been happy with a B (that was all I needed to get the 3 ToK/EE points), but an A is of course much better. My final IB score is 43. Thank you very much for all your help once again. I really feel that your contribution was fundamental to achieving this grade."

Peruvian IB Student

"A conversation with Mr. Woods is exciting, profound and extremely informative. Mr. Woods has the unique ability to make one reflect on their past while considering their future. He has helped me find my passion and has changed how I see my future."

Austin Tolani
American IB Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Tim can meet you as many times as you like. If you're not sure, it might be best to start with just one session, to get a sense of where you are at and begin to build on what you already have (i.e improve your draft). He runs the sessions through Zoom.

  1. The first step is booking your session, which you can do via the button above or this link.

  2. Once you book, you'll immediately get access to Tim's available times throughout the day. You'll also get more information to make the process as helpful as possible.

  3. The booking system also lets you easily share any documents you might want Tim to read before you meet. 

  4. When the time for the session comes, you'll meet on Zoom. 

Yes, you'll be working with Tim. He will work with you to improve your documents. Please feel free to use the "Contact" button below if you'd like to ask him a question before you start. 

Each support session costs $75. You may only need 1 or 2 sessions to dramatically increase the quality of your submissions. 

Absolutely! Tim does a lot of work helping students with their personal statements and similar documentation for their university applications.

He will help you tighten all aspects of your writing and your approach and make sure you are expressing your authentic-self in a way that will impress the universities you're applying to.

Tim only needs around 2 hours to prepare, so please feel free to book your session for later today or tomorrow. As soon as you sign up you'll get access to Tim's calendar. And as soon as you choose your session time he'll see your session and start to get ready (reading, making notes, preparing feedback, tips and advice for you). 

Tim Woods (B.A., B.Ed., MBA, PCC) worked for 20 years in some of the best international schools in the world. He has helped many students with their university and college applications. 

He is the founder of IBMastery and he has helped many students get into their top-pick college and universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. That includes super-elite colleges (like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge), liberal arts college (like Harverford and Wesleyan) and state schools. He would love to help you get into your top choice.

Tim currently lives in Canada (Eastern Time, which is the same as New York City).

When you book you'll be able to see his calendar availabilities converted to your local time zone. 

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