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Extra support when you need it.

Few IB students are blessed to have perfect support in all of their classes, all the time. I'm here when you need a boost, or just a second opinion from another experienced IB teacher.



"I got a 30/34 [on my Extended Essay], which is of course an A. I would have been happy with a B (that was all I needed to get the 3 ToK/EE points), but an A is of course much better. My final IB score is 43. Thank you very much for all your help once again. I really feel that your contribution was fundamental to achieving this grade."

Peruvian IB Student

"A conversation with Mr. Woods is exciting, profound and extremely informative. Mr. Woods has the unique ability to make one reflect on their past while considering their future. He has helped me find my passion and has changed how I see my future."

Austin Tolani
American IB Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Every student is different, so I'll do my best to give you the support you need. I run the sessions through  Zoom.
  1. The first step is booking your session, which you can do via the button above or this link.
  2. Once you book, you'll immediately get access to my available tutoring times. You'll also get more information to make the process as helpful as possible.
  3. The booking system also lets you easily share any documents you might want me to read before we meet--if you want to. 
  4. When the time for the session comes, we'll meet on Zoom and fully talk through your challenges. 
Yes, you'll be working with Tim himself. No one else
Tim tutors every single day, in a range of subjects. He helps students with their TOK Essays, TOK Presentations, the new TOK Exhibitions, Business Management IAs, Economics IAs, Global Politics ET presentations and the Engagement Activity reports.
Tim also does ongoing course content tutoring (i.e. help getting ready for your next test) and exam prep tutoring in Econ, Business, and Global Politics.
He also does college application support.
Finally, Tim also provides Extended Essay support in EVERY subject.
If you're wondering if Tim can help, please send him a message and he'll get back to you quickly. 

(Please let us know if you would like support in Mathematics, as we have an excellent tutor, working with us now, who can help you with that.)
Our tutoring sessions cost $75 each. However, the cost does come down if you purchase a block of 4 or 10 sessions at once. Many people also choose to do that, so they can book their preferred times for sessions in the coming weeks.
Personal Zoom-tutoring is an opportunity for you to get support with any aspect of your academic or non-academic life where you need some help.
I normally provide tutoring for IB Theory of Knowledge, IB Economics, IB Business Management and IB Global Politics --as well as support with EEs in every subject.
I've also had a lot of success helping students get into their top-pick colleges and I'd love to help you with that --with anything from finding a college that's a good fit for you to editing your personal statements and essays.
If there's something else you need help with please don't hesitate to ask.  
Student success coaching is about helping students maximize their potential. IB is stressful and it's hard to manage everything sometimes. I would love to help you get back on top of your work and to be more sure about where you're headed.
Success coaching works because we ask better questions to explore the exact-right mix of approaches and goals for you. Your success formula isn't the same as anyone else's. We'll find your way forward.
We all know mindset is important. The hard part of course is getting there. A big reason my approach works is that we focus solutions, rather than problems.
Success coaching can be useful for the following students:
  • Students who have a hard goal they wish to achieve, but are currently struggling
  • Students who have hard decisions to make, but are uncertain
  • Students who are overwhelmed by academic or other stresses and need help to combat the stress
  • Students who wish to rediscover or redefine their goals
Outcomes from sessions often result in concrete plans involving:
  • Learning strategies
  • Skills necessary for test taking
  • Discovering and practicing new skills
  • Time management
  • Scheduling
  • Achieving and maintaining school/life balance
Tim Woods (B.A., B.Ed., MBA, PCC) is an IB teacher, with 16 years of experience in some of the best international schools in the world. He teaches IB Economics, IB Business Management, IB Global Politics and IB Theory of Knowledge. He also trains teachers. 
He is a Certified Professional Coach with 700+ hours of Solution Focused coaching experienced. He is also the founder of IBMastery and a corporate coaching company called South East Coaching.
IBDP students need to handle so many social and emotional stressors, on top of their academic pressures, and they need to make so many important decisions.
Tim enjoys helping High School students work through their challenges and get ready for great college.
I have recently moved back to Canada after 17 years teaching in great International Schools around the world (in Costa Rica, Bahrain, London, Belgium, Singapore and Thailand). Tutoring online I'm able to continue working with students and teachers around the world. 
In the past month for example I have tutored students in Melbourne, LA, Connecticut, Switzerland, China, and Maastricht, just to name a few.
When you log in you'll automatically get access to my tutoring calendar (to choose your time). There will be a time there that works for you, but if there isn't just let me know and we'll find a time that works.
Absolutely! I do a lot of work helping students with their personal statements and similar documentation for their college applications.
If you'd like help with this, please book a normal tutoring session and send over your draft documents ahead of the session, if you have any (See "How does your tutoring work"). I will help you tighten all aspects of your writing and your approach and make sure you are expressing your authentic-self in a way that will impress the colleges you're applying to.
I've helped  students get into their top-pick college and universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. That includes super-elite colleges (like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge), small liberal arts college (like Harverford and Wesleyan) and state schools. I would love to help you get into your top choice.

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