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About IBMastery


At IBMastery, our aim is to help IB students feel extremely well-supported.

We help students achieve their IB goals, but also develop the habits, skills and strategies to be successful long after they graduate. Every month we serve around 120,000 students, around the world.


Assignment and program requirements

Our #1 focus is giving IB students complete clarity on how to succeed in all of their assignments. This is particularly useful in the IB Program where it often isn’t clear exactly how to achieve full marks. IBMastery students can use our extensive resource Library, full of help sheets, assignment structures and tips, to help them complete quality assignments efficiently. Instead of wasting time, they can focus on developing and sharing their best ideas on every assignment. 

Habits, skills and routines

All of us, regardless of our age, are struggling with many of the same stresses these days. We each need to stay focussed, manage stress, learn quickly, communicate clearly and make good decisions. These are things that students often don’t learn in school, so IBMastery also works to fill this gap. We live in a golden age of productivity tools, but also a golden age of distractions, so support in this area goes a long way.

Community support

There’s no way around the hard work of the IB Diploma Program (and the college research and application process), but it’s very helpful to have an ambitious Community behind you-- giving you great advice, helpful insights and encouragement. Our bespoke, private learning community is also (helpfully) not hosted on a social network. 


IBMastery also provides high-quality tutoring services via Zoom and Skype. All of our tutors are extremely experienced, qualified teachers.