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Online Private IB Tutoring from Tim Woods


You’ll receive:

✅ Accurate feedback that you can trust and fully understand. You’ll know exactly what to do, to significantly increase the quality of your work.

Enjoyable, productive sessions that will leave you feeling more confident, relaxed and well-supported.

Constructive advice to help you clarify and present your ideas in ways that will achieve the rubric requirements. As a long-time marker and trainer of IB teachers, Tim can give you a lot of tips that are often not well-known to students.

Sessions that stay focused on your top priorities, removing obstacles to your success. You’ll make meaningful progress, quickly. 

Clear, efficient teaching of any course content that you’ve missed, so your work can show complete understanding of even the most challenging material. 

Attentive, well-prepared sessions. Tim will show up ready to respond to your needs, with tips and advice related to any work or requests you’ve emailed through in advance. So we can cover a lot in each session.


What parents are saying:

I wish we connected with you earlier!” - S.K (2022) 🇦🇺

“It has been very useful. … She showed her new work to her teacher today and she got a very positive and encouraging comment so she is very happy and remotivated!” - L.G. (2022) 🇧🇪

“Thank you so much... He has learned more from you in the last two days than in the last few months! ... We are truly grateful.” - S.D. (2022) 🇨🇦 


How it works:

Once you purchase your session(s), you’ll immediately get Tim’s booking calendar. At the time you chose, Tim will meet you on Zoom