Online IB Maths Tutoring with Rhys Carlson


IB Mathematics support.

Most IB students struggle in Maths at some point. Rhys Carlson is a great Maths teacher, who specializes in online support and he'd be happy to help you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Every student is different, so we do our best to give you the unique support you need. Rhys will run your maths sessions through Zoom.
  1. The first step is booking your session, which you can do via the "Book your Tutoring Session(s) Here" button above.
  2. Once you book, you'll immediately get access to Rhys's available tutoring times. You'll also get more information to make the process as helpful as possible.
  3. The booking system also lets you easily share any documents, such as an IA draft, you'd like Rhys to look at before the session. 
  4. When the time for the session comes, you'll meet with Rhys on Zoom and fully work through your challenges . 
Rhys's tutoring sessions cost $75 each. However, the cost becomes lower if you purchase a block of 4 or 10 sessions at once. Many people choose to do that, so they can book more sessions for the coming weeks.
Rhys is from Australia, but currently lives in Spain. However, don't worry about the time zone aspect. He has a variety of times available, to accommodate people in all parts of the world. 
If you look at his availabilities and there aren't times available that work for you, just email us and we'll find some times that work.

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