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How to Be More Focused

What single activity would keep you fascinated and motivated for the rest of your life?

Do you know what that would be?

It’s not simply sitting on beach, doing nothing. Not for the rest of your life, every day.

And it’s not just something that pays well, because we’re assuming you could do anything.

And it doesn’t have to be something you already do. 

Think about it. (Seriously, think about it). 

This is a powerful question. In fact, this question is worth as much time as it takes you to find your answer. Because you can (if you want) organise your whole life around it. You can start doing more of your one activity and doing less of things that aren’t that. You can slowly start to become so good at your One Activity that it becomes your job --if you want.

That’s the kind of world we live in these days; we have room for all kinds of specialists. Everyone admires focus. And everyone admires a person who knows what they want. Some people make their money playing video games.

If you get stuck with this question, here are some tricks.

  • Consider listing the things that you definitely don’t enjoy. This can point you in the right direction (away from the bad stuff).
  • Or, simply start to pay more attention to what you enjoy. Start to record moments of the day that you felt more engaged, more alive, or determined. Noticing these moments can point you in the right direction too.

Please share this question with your friends using the and let me know (in the comments below) what you think.

3 books to help you go further with focus:

  • The One Thing by Gary Keller. Basic Lesson: Figure out the most high-leverage, high-impact, high-value activity you could be doing and spend several hours doing that every single day.
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins. Basic Lesson: The key to being great is being honest with yourself and figuring out your core activity, which is at the intersection of these three questions: What do you have the potential to be the best in the world at? What you can make money doing? And: What are you passionate about?
  • And Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. Basic Lesson: time spent practicing and getting lots of accurate feedback is what really builds amazing skills.


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