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The November 2024 TOK Essay Titles

Below are the Theory of Knowledge Essay prescribed titles for the November 2024 session.

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The November 2024 TOK Essay Prescribed Titles

1. Does our responsibility to acquire knowledge vary according to the area of knowledge? Discuss with reference to history and one other area of knowledge.

2. In the production of knowledge, is ingenuity always needed but never enough? Discuss with reference to mathematics and one other area of knowledge.

3. How might it benefit an area of knowledge to sever ties with its past? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.

4. To what extent do you agree that there is no significant difference between hypothesis and speculation? Discuss with reference to the human sciences and one other area of knowledge.

5. In the production of knowledge, are we too quick to dismiss anomalies? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.

6. In the pursuit of knowledge, what is gained by the artist adopting the lens of the scientist and the scientist adopting the lens of the artist? Discuss with reference to the arts and the natural sciences.


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