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The best time to work is the worst

A while ago I wrote an article called The Straight A Students Time Management Secret. The answer seemed simple: get your work done during your school day. High achievers do report having this habit. When they’re working, they just work. They don’t spend much time inefficiently --half-doing work and half-socialising at the same time. The benefits are pretty obvious. More completely-free time in the evenings, they can get more sleep and they can socialise guilt-free and stress-free. But, actually implementing this advice can seem hard. At work/school, all of our friends are there. It’s distracting. And then suddenly the entire day has passed and we’ve made no progress. Here are a few techniques that work:

  1. Block out some set-times every week just for working by yourself. Maybe Thursdays at lunch you go to your secret, private spot in the library and work on Math questions. Stick to your own schedule.
  2. Get massive headphones and wear them when you’re working. Obviously, you don’t even need to have music playing. I sometimes listen to waves
  3. Put your phone on silent and shut Facebook, etc. Social media isn’t your friend right now.
  4. Write down three tasks at the beginning of every day that you want to get done that day and don’t leave school/work until they’re done.

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But then get back to work. :)