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The IB Business Management Case for May 2020 - Paper 1 (P&S Trawlers)

Hi Business Management students!

Our full video course on the P&S Trawlers case (May 2020 - Paper 1) is already published on IBMastery. You'll need to subscribe, or at least start a free trial of IBMastery resources to access it. (If you don't know, IBMastery subscribers get resources and private online study groups for every IB course).  

We've gone through the May 2020 Paper 1 case and created an extremely exhaustive video analysis (around 2 hours in total) explaining everything we think you'll need to know to master the paper 1 exam.

I promise this is the best analysis you'll find anywhere, so these will save you time and stress. (You've got enough stress right now). The finance aspect is especially helpful.

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See you inside!