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The IB Business Management Case for May 2021 - Paper 1 (Multi Marketing)

Hi Business Management students!

Our full video course on the Multi Marketing case (May 2021 - Paper 1) has ready for you, in the member's area. You'll need to subscribe to access it. 

We've gone through the May 2021 Paper 1 case and created an extremely exhaustive video analysis (around 70 minutes of video analysis) explaining everything we think you'll need to know to master the paper 1 exam, including a lot of background insights into the marketing industry and MM's potential new location.

I promise this is the best analysis you'll find anywhere, so these will save you time and stress. (You've had enough stress this year).

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And then, once you're logged in click here to start watching the videos. You'll get a new video every day for 5 days, to help you get fully-prepared for paper 1. 

See you inside!