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The TOK Essay Video Course



The all-new Theory of Knowledge Essay Video Course is ready for you!

These 11 short videos talk you through every step of the TOK Essay Writing process, from choosing your Prescribed Title to Final Checks before you upload it. I've been teaching, tutoring, and marking TOK essays for 12 years, in the Americas, Europe and South-East Asia and I've put almost all of my TOK essay-writing secrets in these videos for you. 👍

Existing Members: You can access it by clicking this direct link. 🚀

New Members: If you're not a member yet, you can access the entire TOK Essay Video Course with a free trial, by clicking here. 😀


The New TOK Essay Video Course includes: 


✅   Very clear instructions on what matters in the TOK Essay, so you can start your essay early (if you want to) and do well, even if TOK isn't your strongest subject. 

✅   Detailed analysis and thorough discussions of all of the latest November and May Prescribed Titles.

✅   An explanation of the most common essay mistakes, which really hurt your grade --but you'll can easily avoid once you understand them.

✅   Clear guidance on what types of evidence you need and how you should use evidence effectively, to earn a higher grade.

✅   A short, but very helpful discussion about what matters most in the rubric, so you can write in a way that will tick the right boxes and earn you a better grade. 

✅   Very clear guidance on how to structure your TOK essay.

✅   All of the formatting and word count details, quickly explained, as well as several things you can upgrade just before you submit your essay (and how to do that). 

✅   Examiner guidance from the latest Theory of Knowledge Subject report, which you should know about (regarding definitions and certain types of examples that are now discouraged). 

✅   And more...