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The Secret to a Top Scoring IB Essay


As a teacher and tutor I specialize in helping students write top-scoring essays. I wanted to share with you a helpful way to think about this, which will help you show strong critical thinking --something that often counts for close to 50% of your essay grade, so you can do well, even if you don’t work with me as your tutor. 

First, let’s notice that there are 3 very different actvities required to create a great analytical essay. You need to: 

  1.  Gather relevant evidence, 
  2.  Present an argument, grounded in that evidence. And then 
  3.  Weigh up those arguments to write a judgement that seems very well-supported. 

If you do those 3 things thoughtfully you can definitely get a 7 (or an A, if it's TOK or your EE). 

We can think of those 3 activities as relating to 4 different roles you need to play: You need to

  1. Be a Detective,
  2. Be a Lawyer,
  3. Be a second Lawyer, who disagrees with the first one....
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